Poster # 3121 Dose and Volume Response of the Sigmoid in Radiotherapy of Gynecological Cancer

Presenter: Eleftheria Alevronta, MS

About the Presenter:
I was born in Athens, Greece on 11th of April 1982. My background is in Physics and I have a MSc. in Medical Physics (university of Patras, Greece). I worked as research assistance at Oncology, Pathology, Division of clinical cancer epidemiology (KCE), Stockholm, Sweden and I am currently a PHd student at the same department in collaboration with the division of Medical Radiation Physics (MSF), Karolinska Intitutet and Stockholm University, Stockholm. My PHd is on improving quality of life by modeling the dose response of healthy tissue complications after radiotherapy. I am currently working on exploring Dose and Volume Response of four organs at risk: anal sphincter, rectum, the sigmoid and small intestines in Radiotherapy of Gynecological Cancer applying different radiobiological models for the clinical endpoint ‘frequent emptying of all stools into clothing without forewarning’.
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