Poster # 2539 Aurora-B and Survivin Expression in Head and Neck Cancer: Correlation With Clinicopathologic Features and Patient Survival

Presenter: Muge Akmansu, MD

About the Presenter:
About the Presenter: 1980-1986, MD in Ankara University Medical Faculty. 1986-1989, Residency in Radiation Oncology, Gulhane Military Medical School Department of Radiation Oncology. 1990-1993, Specialist in Ankara Oncology Hospital. 1993-1995, Lecturer in Gazi University Medical Faculty Department of Radiation Oncology . 1995, Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology. 2000, Associate Professor in Radiation Oncology. 2006, Professor in Radiation Oncology. 2009- Head of Radiation Oncology Department, Gazi University Medical Faculty.


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