Poster # 1102 Analysis of Acute Rectal Toxicity, Interfraction Prostate and SV shifts During kV-CBCT Image Guided IMRT for Prostate Cancer

Presenter: Nandanuri Reddy, PhD

About the Presenter:
Education: Ph.D. from Bhabha Atomic Research Center and Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India, 1983. Number of publications: 56 in Radiation Research, Hyperthermia and Medical Physics. Areas of Interest: IMRT QA. IMRT, IGRT and Adaptive Radiotherapy. Membership: AAPM and ASTRO Recent publications: N.M.S. Reddy, A. Ravi, H. Chang, C.S. Lange and D. Nori. Statistical analysis of the magnitude and direction of dose difference to assess the accuracy of IMRT planning and delivery for prostate and H&N cancers. Revision submitted to Medical Physics, October 2010. N. M. S. Reddy, D. Nori, H. Chang, C.S. Lange and A. Ravi. Prostate and seminal vesicle volume based consideration of prostate cancer patients for treatment with 3D-conformal or intensity-modulated radiation therapy. Med. Phys. 37, 3791-3801, 2010. N. M. Reddy, D. Nori, W. Sartin, S. Maiorano, J. Modena, A. Mazur, A. Osian, B. Sood, A. Ravi, S. Sampath. Influence of volumes of prostate, rectum, and bladder on treatment planning CT on interfraction prostate shifts during ultrasound image-Guided IMRT. Med. Phys.36, 5604-5611, 2009. N. M. Reddy, A. Mazur, S. Sampath, A. Osian, B. M. Sood, A. Ravi and D. Nori. The potential for dose dumping in normal tissues with IMRT for pelvis and H&N cancers. Medical Dosimetry, Vol. 33 (1), 56-61,2008.
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