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Outcomes and Health Services Research

2802: Temporal Trends in the Treatment of Elderly Men with Low and Moderate Risk Prostate Cancer: The Effect of Life Expectancy on the Administration of Curative Therapy
Raldow, Ann Click abstract title to view poster
2803: Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Versus Surgery for Medically Operable Stage I NSCLC: A Markov Model Based Decision Analysis
Louie, Alexander Click abstract title to view poster
2804: Reporting of Disease-specific Treatment Effects in Randomized Controlled Trials: Systematic Review and Analysis of the Medical Literature
Lau, Steven
2805: Weekly Self-Reported Tobacco Use and Cessation During Definitive Radiotherapy or Chemoradiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer.
Warren, Graham
2806: Coordination of Breast Cancer Care Between Radiation Oncologists and Surgeons
Jagsi, Reshma
2807: Proton Facility Economics: The Essential Role of Prostate Cancer (CaP)
Johnstone, Peter A.S.
2808: Prostate Cancer, HIV and Radiation therapy: Should Treatment Decisions and Radiation Parameters Be Altered Based on this Evolving Diagnosis?
Kahn, Shannon
2809: Chart Rounds in the Digital Age: A Survey of North American Institutions
Whiton, Michal Click abstract title to view poster
2810: Whole Pelvis versus Prostate Only Irradiation and Mortality in Men with Prostate Cancer Treated with or without Hormonal Therapy
Nanda, Akash
2811: Portrayal of Radiation Therapy in the Press: A Survey of American Newspapers
Mundt, Arno
2812: Adherence in Urban Radiation Oncology Patients
Cathcart, Charlie
2813: Prone Hypo-fractionated Whole Breast Radiation without a Concomitant Boost: Comparative Effectiveness of Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) versus 3D-Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D-CRT)
Min, Christine Click abstract title to view poster
2814: The Willingness Of Dosimetrists And Radiation Therapists To Challenge Physicians As A Means Of Assuring Patient Safety: Results Of A Pilot Program
Adams, Robert
2815: Assessing the Feasibility of using Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Technology To Increase the Throughput and Quality of Radiotherapy in Developing Countries
Chilukuri, Srinivas
2816: Patient Safety in Radiation Oncology: Tools for Improvement
Ford, Eric
2817: Quality Research in Radiation Oncology (QRRO): A Patterns of Care Analysis of Clinical Performance Measures in the Management of Gastric Cancer (GC)
Minsky, Bruce
2818: Residents' Educational Needs During Transition into Radiation Oncology Residency
Diavolitsis, Virginia
2819: The Management and Outcome of Previously Undetected Cancer-Related Incidental Findings Identified on CT Simulation Scans
Ye, Jason Click abstract title to view poster
2820: A Weekly Peer Review Quality Assurance Program For Outpatient Radiotherapy
Ballo, Matthew
2821: Calculations of Patient Adherence to Radiation Treatment
Cathcart, Charles
2822: Cost Analysis of Brain Metastases Management in Patients with Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Champ, Colin
2823: Holiday Treatment Breaks May Adversely Predict for Loss of Tumor Control
Christensen, Michael Click abstract title to view poster
2824: The Rapid Increase in Radiation Oncology Consultation and Treatment of the Extreme Elderly and its Independence from Population Growth.
Gross, Jessica Click abstract title to view poster
2825: Encouraging Breast and Prostate Cancer Screening at a Student-run Clinic through Free Comprehensive Vision Testing
Hunter, Darryl Click abstract title to view poster
2826: The Risk of Acute and Chronic Toxicities of Radiotherapy Patients with Discoid Lupus Erythematosus
Patel, Ajaykumar Click abstract title to view poster
2827: Treatment Summary Documentation: A National Quality Forum Standard
Jensen, Courtney
2828: Comparative Effectiveness Analysis Demonstrates Improved Outcome With Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy Or Brachytherapy As Compared To 3d Conformal Radiotherapy In The Treatment Of Non-metastatic Prostate Cancer
Konski, Andre
2829: Error Reduction Model in Radiation Oncology
Sweet, John Click abstract title to view poster
2830: Clinical Outcome of Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy for Lung, Liver and Pancreatic Cancer
Xia, Tingyi Click abstract title to view poster
2831: The Negative Impact of Stark Law Exemptions on Graduate Medical Education and Health Care Costs: The Example of Radiation Oncology
Anscher, Mitchell Click abstract title to view poster
2832: Patterns of Referral for Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Patients with Brain Metastases in Alberta, Canada
Brunet, Bryan
2833: Cost Effectiveness of Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
Murphy, James
2834: How Long Have I Had My Cancer, Doctor?
Patrone, Michael
2835: Contrast Media Use in Radiation Oncology: An Educational Intervention Study with Retrospective Analysis of Patient Outcomes
Shapiro, Lauren Click abstract title to view poster
2836: 2009 Canadian Radiation Oncology Resident Survey
Debenham, Brock Click abstract title to view poster
2837: Predictors of the Use of Supplemental Androgen Suppression Therapy (AST) and External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) in Men with High-Risk Prostate Cancer (PC) Undergoing Brachytherapy
Hattangadi, Jona
2838: Experience Feed Back Committee (crex) : A Compulsory Tool For Security Management In Radiotherapy Departments
Lartigau, Eric
2839: From Paper Charts To An Electronic Medical Record (EMR): Challenges To Patient Flow
Marks, Lawrence